Going Twice is on Twitch and TikTok!

Going Twice is on Twitch!

We know a lot of you have gotten to know Going Twice from our Whatnot live streams. But what if I told you that, on top of those, we’ll also be live on Twitch and TikTok! Now you’ll be able to find us right alongside your favorite video game streamers and TikTok… dancers? (we’re still figuring TikTok out.) Our goal is to give you as many ways as possible to hang out with us, buy cards, and win prizes! That’s right! We’ll be running regular giveaways on both Twitch and TikTok, just like we do on Whatnot! So if you like the going twice crew and want to engage with the community in a slightly less fast based and more personal environment, come say hi! It should be a lot of fun! And don’t forget to check out our store page to buy packs for upcoming breaks!