Celebrating the Art Behind Pokemon

There are many things to love about Pokemon but maybe the fundamental thing that brings us back set after set is the artwork in the TCG. There have been many different artists over the years each with their own distinct style. There is a reason Pokemon cards include the artists’ names on the bottom of each card, the work that goes into each card’s artwork is significant and celebrates the artistry and work of each artist. Some collectors build their collections around the work of a particular artist which is a great way to see the evolution of an artist’s style and/or the way that different sets have evolved over time. We picked six of our favorite artists as well as some honorable mentions to take a closer look at: Kouki Saitou, Kogemaru Himeno, Masakazu Fukuda, Atsuko Hishida, Mitsuhiro Arita, and Ken Sugimori. You’ll probably see some familiar cards and some that you didn’t realize were created by the same artist. Check it out!


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