2022 Topps Archives Signature Retired Player Edition

2022 Topps Archives Signature Retired Player Edition releases tomorrow!

The not so simply titled “2022 Topps Archives Signature Retired Player Edition” does have a simple premise. You get a box. Inside that box is one card. That one card is hand signed by a now retired baseball player and sealed in Topps authenticated protective casing.  That’s it.

Honestly, the simplicity is sort of beautiful.

Each case holds 20 boxes, meaning there’s only 20 cards per case, but these cards could have been signed by a baseball legend! The only cards we’ve seen at the time this article was written are Ken Griffey Jr, Reggie Jackson, and Dave Winfield. Maybe I’m biased, being a Mariner’s fan, but that Griffey all-star rookie card with a signature on it? *Chef’s kiss*

Other than single autograph cards, the chases in the set also include Multi-player autographed cards and “premium buyback” cards. 

It can be a little less fun to open a pack and just get a single card, but the potential upside of pulling a classic card, autographed by a legend?… This is definitely a set worth looking into!



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